What is unique about the MTS vacuum excavator?

There are several reasons why an MTS vacuum excavator is unique. One important reason is that the MTS vacuum excavator is available with two, three and even four turbines. This makes MTS one of the most powerful vacuum excavators of its kind. The patented suction principle ensures that vacuum excavators can achieve the highest suction power. MTS does not do this alone. The company cooperates with well-known names such as HAWE, SKF, Siemens, Optibelt and thus guarantees maximum quality and reliable vacuum excavators.

Will you be opting for a well-maintained MTS vacuum excavator?

Buying a new MTS vacuum excavator is a hefty investment. Renting or leasing is one of the options, but the vacuum excavator then never becomes your property. A well-maintained and second-hand MTS vacuum excavator then offers a solution. We guarantee that you will always buy a good used vacuum excavator from us. You can easily see the MTS vacuum excavators we offer through the links below:

History of MTS

MTS was founded in 1998 by Alfons Braun and brothers Frank and Rolf Walther. MTS began as a company focused on suction excavators for the construction industry in inner-city areas. MTS developed a patent-registered vacuum excavator with multiple fans and a new hydraulic power arm. This expanded its scope to environmental, industrial and renovation. Today, with over 170 employees in more than 42 countries and multiple production facilities, MTS serves its clients and customers. They do this with subsidiaries and local partners. The company has positioned itself as an innovative market leader, backed by a series of international patents.

Questions about the MTS vacuum excavator?

Beforehand, it is difficult to say whether the MTS vacuum excavator will meet your needs. To provide you with professional answers, we are happy to get in touch. You can easily and quickly leave your details along with any questions, comments or advice you are looking for. You can also reach us by phone on +31 (0) 6 18 72 56 64.
In case the MTS vacuum excavator does not meet your needs, take a look at our pages, where you can rent other vacuum excavators or buy vacuum excavators.