What makes the Vac-Ex unique?

When people think of a suction excavator, they mainly think of an excavator with a powerful built-in suction unit with operator. With a Vac-Ex, this is different and that makes them unique from many traditional vacuum excavator brands. The main advantages are:

  • No machinist/driver with large driving licence needed;
  • Road closures are a thing of the past. The Air-Vac can drive on pavements;
  • Compact size, but very high suction power;
  • Very effective when excavating cables and pipes;
  • Ideal for use on construction sites;
  • Equipped with tow-bar and easy to transport;
  • The container is quick to empty and clean;
  • Drives easily in rough terrain and mud due to the tracks.

Discover our pre-owned Vac-Ex suction excavators

Buying a new Vac-Ex machine requires the necessary investment that not every company can make. In that case, we also offer well-maintained second-hand Vac-Ex machines. Besides buying, renting a Vac-Ex is an option. With us, you can rest assured that you always purchase a good second-hand vacuum excavator. You can view our current range of Vac-Ex vacuum excavators by clicking on the links below:

History of Vac-Ex

Vac-Ex Ltd began designing and manufacturing vacuum excavators in 2008. After years in the UK vacuum excavator hire business, Vac-Ex found it difficult to find the bespoke specialist equipment needed to better perform certain jobs. With the information from sister company “Vac-Ex Hire”, they were able to design, manufacture and launch innovative and compact vacuum excavators. This creates the production of the T-Vac. A compact but powerful model. In addition to the T-Vac, Vac-Ex also has the more compact Air-Vac.

Is the Vac-Ex suitable for me?

In advance, it is difficult for us to say whether the T-vac or Air-Vac will meet your demands. We would be happy to get in touch with you to inform and advise you about the possibilities. You can easily and quickly leave your information and add a question, comment or the advice you would like. You can also call +31 (0) 6 18 72 56 64. Is the Vac Ex not for you and would you prefer another vacuum excavator? If so, take a look at the page where you can rent vacuum excavators or buy vacuum excavators.