Why service and maintenance at Saugbaggersales?

Our service and maintenance goes a long way. We have all specialisms under one roof. This makes Saugbaggersales the ideal partner in suction technology. Why you should be with us:

  • Modern and specialised workshop;
  • Large stock of spare parts and accessories;
  • Substitute suction excavator available;
  • Skilled mechanics specialised in suction technology;
  • Full service and maintenance possible;
  • Possibility of flying in our service technicians.

Why maintain your suction or vacuum truck?

Regular maintenance on a suction or vacuum truck is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Some important reasons for maintenance are:

Ensuring efficiency

Proper and regular maintenance ensures that all components of the suction truck remain in top condition, thus maintaining efficiency when vacuuming and processing materials.

Ensuring safety

Regular inspection and following maintenance procedures contribute to the safety of the vehicle and its surroundings. Faulty or worn parts pose potential hazards. In the long run, this saves on costs.

Extending service life

Timely maintenance reduces wear and degradation of parts, which extends the life of the vacuum truck and reduces the cost of major repairs or replacement. Suction trucks that have been stationary for a longer period also need maintenance to prevent, for example, rubber pipes from drying out. Because we regularly check suction and vacuum trucks, we ensure that the fleet is always in top condition.


Our customers and users of suction technology rely on reliable services. Maintenance minimises the risk of breakdowns and ensures consistent vehicle operation. It directly ensures that you do not have to incur unnecessary costs.

Optimal performance

Proper maintenance ensures that the suction excavator can always perform at maximum capacity. This is especially important on projects with tight deadlines.

Compliance with regulations

Regular maintenance helps ensure that the vehicle complies with legal regulations and standards related to safety and the environment, such as SIR and ATEX safety approvals.

By performing regular maintenance, a vacuum or suction excavators can maintain its optimal functionality, extend its lifespan and minimise operational costs.

All service possibilities for your suction or vacuum excavator

Besides the sale and rental of suction- and hydro vacuum excavators, we also take care of the service and maintenance of your soil vacuum truck. Saugbaggersales.com has experienced mechanics, an equipped workshop and a warehouse full of spare parts for your machine. This allows us to carry out repairs, replace parts and wear parts, detect faults and defects and perform routine maintenance. Your suction vehicle will function optimally again after a visit to Saugbaggersales.com.

  • Perform repairs;
  • Replace wearing parts and other components;
  • Repair malfunctions and defects;
  • Routine maintenance;
  • Overhaul.

Replacement suction or vacuum excavator

Repair or maintenance on your suction or vacuum excavator? Whatever the reason. At Saugbaggersales.com, we can offer you a replacement vacuum excavator during your workshop visit. The moment your vacuum excavator is in the workshop, you are missing capacity within your business. Thanks to the replacement vehicle, your staff will not have to sit idle and work can continue as usual. This also makes it possible to carry out major maintenance on your vacuum excavator. Take a look at our rental offer.

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