What makes Amphitec vacuum excavators unique?

Amphitec’s vacuum excavators offer the perfect combination of simplicity, results and durability. The simplicity comes out in many ways. These include fast tank handling (quick fill/empty), clear and simple operation of the machine and a user-friendly interface due the design. These advantages contribute to efficient cleaning of the machine, but also ensure a safe working environment. 

In addition to simplicity, durability and efficiency of the machine have also been considered. This comes to the fore with optimal particle separation of the main filter, keeping suction power high. Moreover, Amphitec’s vacuum excavators are environmentally friendly. The machines are designed so that dust emission is a thing of the past, low engine emission is guaranteed and optimal noise reduction (level below 80 dbA). In short: a vacuum sweeper good for people and the environment.

Are you going for an affordable and well-maintained Amphitec vacuum excavator?

Investing in a brand new Amphitec vacuum excavator quickly runs into the tons of pounds. This is often a good investment, but that does not necessarily mean it is the best one to make. Not every company has the financial resources to handle this investment. Saugbaggersales understands this fact. We therefore supply used and well-maintained Amphitec vacuum excavators, as well as new brand vacuum trucks. Regardless of the brand you purchase from us, we make you the promise:

  • We deliver suction or vacuum trucks in optimal condition;
  • Full transparency about the history of the vacuum trucks;
  • Supplying the necessary spare parts.
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Amphitec’s right to exist!

Amphitec was founded in 2000 by Peter Paul du Buisson and John Haesakkers. The company responded to the market demand for transporting roof ballast with the Amphitec Max-Loader. Back in the day, the Max-loader was a radical innovation because it is capable of working at great heights and has significantly greater payload capacity than other vacuum excavators. Efficiency and creating tailor-made solutions are values that come out well! In 2024, they still strive for these core values by looking for efficient customised solutions throughout the process, from thinking along and designing to delivery and maintenance of the suction excavators.

Want to test drive an Amphitec vacuum excavator?

Saugbaggersales embraces Amphitec’s innovative developments and carries both new and well-maintained Amphitec vacuum excavators. We offer the option of renting a vacuum excavator as well as buying one. Would you like to know more about the Amphitec brand or are you interested in our stock of current or expected Amphitec vacuum excavators? You can reach us by phone at +31 (0) 6 18 72 56 64 or send an email to info@saugbaggersales.com.