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Suction excavator rental

Would you like to temporarily rent a replacement suction excavator or an extra suction excavator? Or would you like to try out the possibilities of a suction excavator before buying it? Renting a suction excavator is an ideal solution in this case. Saugbaggersales has a wide range of well-maintained suction excavators available for immediate hire. If your suction excavator is in the garage for repair or maintenance, a replacement suction excavator can be arranged in no time. Besides renting a suction excavator, you can also buy a suction excavator from Saugbaggersales. Want to rent a suction excavator straight away? Book online or contact us.

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Rent a suction excavator from Saugbaggersales?

Saugbaggersales has a wide range of new and used suction excavators that are readily available. The stock consists of various types, from the compact Vac Ex soil excavators to the most powerful suction excavators with 3 turbines. The compact soil excavators are suitable for lighter suction work in places that are inaccessible to large suction excavators. For heavy-duty work, our Rivar, MTS or RSP turbine excaators or Naaktgeboren, Disab or Amphitec vacuum trucks are at your disposal. So we have a suitable solution for every job. Do you need a suction excavator temporarily in a hurry? Then you can come directly to us for the ideal replacement.

Renting a suction excavator for your project

(Ground) suction technology is used to efficiently and accurately remove soil, sand, rubble, gravel or other materials without disturbing the surroundings. It is often used in urban areas, construction sites or locations with limited access. This technique minimises damage to infrastructure and reduces inconvenience, as earthmoving is done precisely and in a controlled manner. Suction technology is suitable for exposing cables and pipes, sucking away roof gravel, excavating crawl spaces or clearing construction waste. Our suction technology is also very suitable for industrial applications. Due to its targeted nature and minimal risk of damage from excavation work, this method is ideal for locations where traditional earthmoving would be problematic. As we have a wide range of different types of suction trucks available, we have a suitable suction truck for every project.

Key features of our suction excavators for hire

The suction excavator is a versatile machine and can be used for a variety of purposes. There are different types of suction excavators, each suitable for different purposes. In addition, the suction excavators are equipped with tools that make certain jobs possible. Which type of suction excavator can be used depends on the project.

Vacuum or turbine suction excavator

A vacuum excavator works on the basis of vacuum and is equipped with a round tank, with a pump providing negative pressure. This type of excavator is very suitable for vacuuming liquids, such as polluted water, sludge, sand and soil.

The turbine suction excavator has one to three turbines. The more turbines, the higher the suction power. If you need to suck up over greater distances, it is advisable to hire a suction excavator with several turbines. Turbine vacuum trucks are generally used for sand, gravel, rubble, insulation materials and many other materials. An example of a vacuum truck is the Amphitec. Rivar, MTS and RSP are types of turbine excavator trucks.

Suction arm

The suction arm on the suction excavator ensures that you have your own hands free when the machine is operating. Different types are also available, such as the EVO power arm, Mega arm and the so-called Dutch arm. The choice here is determined by the job and the material you are working with.

Operation and hydraulic driving

The suction arms can be operated remotely. This allows you to suck up very precisely without causing damage. For efficiency, the most modern suction excavators are equipped with ReCoDrive. This is a hydrostatic drive that also allows you to control the suction excavator remotely. You then do not have to be behind the wheel yourself to move the truck.

Bin capacity

The bucket capacity varies from 1 m3 of the Vac Ex compact soil extractor to 12 m3. For work where large quantities need to be worked with, we recommend choosing a large bucket capacity. This way, you need to leave the site less often to empty the suction excavator.

Suction excavator rental made to measure

The type of project determines which type of suction excavator is most suitable for the job. We also match the required equipment and tools, such as suction nozzles, extensions and vibrating shovels, to the job. Do you want to be sure of the right equipment? We will gladly provide you with expert advice. We call it renting a suction excavator made to measure!

Self-service suction excavator

You can hire a suction excavator from us with an experienced operator. Would you like to carry out the project entirely under your own management? Then choose to hire a suction excavator without an operator. This gives you complete control over the planning of the work. We provide detailed instructions on how to use the machines in advance. As you will be working with very powerful machines, safety comes first.

Rent or buy a suction excavator

If you temporarily need an (extra) suction excavator, then renting one is the ideal solution for you. But are you structurally unable to handle the work with your current fleet? Then buying a new suction excavator is a good investment. We are specialists in suction and blowing technology and can provide you with expert advice. Thus, we are happy to offer support in your selection process. We can provide you with expert advice.