What is unique about the RSP vacuum excavator?

Besides generating the highest suction forces, the company sets itself apart through R&D and innovative vacuum excavators. They listen closely to their customers and partners and want to be at the forefront of the battle with them to competently deliver every project in suction technology. With this in mind, they have added two new models to their product line. These are the ESE E – the first electric vacuum excavator – as well as the ESE 1 – a compact and suction excavator. For every situation, large or small, they have a suitable vacuum trolley.

History of RSP

RSP was founded in 1993 and nowadays operates worldwide in manufacturing and trading vacuum excavators. The company strives for partnership and cooperation with its customers at all times. This way, they want to get the most out of cooperation. This is in line with RSP’s areas of expertise, as giving advice, staying informed and offering customisation are important pillars for the company. In previous years, RSP has achieved important milestones together with customers and employees. These include the acquisition of the Dutch brand Amphitec and the launch of the first fully electrically powered vacuum sweeper: ESE S.

Is the RSP vacuum excavator suitable for you?

We understand you might have doubts about choosing the best brand in vacuum and suction technology. We are happy to help you with that. You can reach us by phone at +31 (0) 6 18 72 56 64 or email info@saugbaggersales.com. Besides RSP vacuum excavators, we are also premium supplier of MTS vacuum excavators and sell Air Vac vacuum excavators. To get an insight into our current stock of vacuum sweepers we sell, please refer to the page on buying vacuum sweepers.