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Buying a suction excavator involves many important choices. What type of suction excavator matches long-term needs? Will you perform the maintenance of the suction excavator yourself? Saugbaggersales.com understands all the considerations around buying suction excavators. We are happy to assist you with expert advice from enquiry to after-sales of spare parts. Saugbaggersales has its own team of mechanics and are your long-term partner, even after the purchase of the suction excavator.

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More information?
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What do you look out for when a suction excavator is for sale?

When buying a suction excavator, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure you make the right investment. This is because for the long term, your wants and needs may be different from when you buy the suction excavator. Check the following:

Mileage and year of construction

As with cars, mileage and year of construction are important with suction excavators. Low mileage and a recent year of construction usually indicate that the suction excavators excavator is in good condition and has less wear and tear. A longer-term question to ask is: how many kilometres has the suction excavator driven in 20 years? If this number turns out to be high, it is desirable to buy a younger suction truck.

Bucket and tank capacity

The bucket and tank capacity of the suction excavator is crucial, depending on its intended use. Make sure the capacity meets your requirements and that the bin and tank are in good condition. You can figure out that if the suction excavator is for larger projects where a lot of cubic metres need to be sucked up, you will need a larger bucket or tank capacity. This will save you in transport costs and ensure lower mileage in the long run.

Maintenance history

Ask about the maintenance history of the suction excavator to check if it has been regularly serviced. A documented maintenance history reduces the risk of failure when the suction excavator becomes your property. At Saugbaggersales.com, you can be assured that the suction excavator has been perfectly maintained, even if the suction excavator was not purchased from Saugbaggersale.

Vacuum excavator or a suction excavator

Besides the suction excavator, in some cases, a vacuum excavator can serve as a better alternative for certain applications. The features of the vacuum excavator and suction truck differ.

Is that all? Certainly not!

Beyond the aforementioned points, a vacuum truck’s warranty, fuel efficiency and suction power are also important. We recommend that you talk to us so that we can provide you with appropriate advice. We are at your service!

Why buy a suction excavator from Saugbaggersales.com

At Saugbaggersales, you are assured of excellent benefits when buying a suction excavator. Our commitment to optimal maintenance and service ensures that your suction excavator is always in top condition. With a wide range of vacuum excavators and models, we offer the perfect solution for your specific needs. Moreover, we have an extensive stock of spare parts available for the quick replacement of wearing components. Saugbaggersales is committed to making good choices in the long run!

Buy a suction excavator that’s for sale or rent one anyway?

Buying a vacuum excavator can be a good long-term investment. However, this need not be the case in every case. There are conceivable situations when hiring a suction excavator is better. Check for yourself what the depreciation cost of the investment is per year. You can set this against the rental costs per year. If it turns out that renting a vacuum excavator is many times cheaper in this respect, you may seriously consider renting.