Dustfilterpackage RSP teflon membrane

Filter cartridge set RSP teflon membrane

contents of the set

Filter cartridge 600 mm RSP teflon membrane (4 pcs)

Filter cartridge 1000 mm RSP teflon membrane (4 pcs)

Filter cartridge 1200 mm RSP teflon membrane (32 pcs)


Inner diameter is 85 mm

Perforated metal all around on the inside (see photo)


In stock

The Filter cartridge is a spunbond polyester filter. The filter contains a microporous teflon membrane. With these filters you are assured of a constant and equal air permeability with a perfect filtering effect. Thanks to the ptfe membrane, almost all small dust particles are filtered. The maximum working temperature for constant use is 130º C with peaks to 150º C.  These filters are mainly suitable for criticial, very fine dust particles.



Article: Filter cartridge RSP

Teflon membrane

Brand: RSP

Filter fabric: 100% polyester spunbond + teflon membrane

BIA Rating: USGC

Color: white

Brand RSP
Property Teflon membrane
Categorie Suction Filters
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