MAN Amphitec Vortex 9000 Vacuum machine 2024


MAN Amphitec Vacuum machine 2024

Brand Amphitec, Mercedes-Benz

NEW 2023 MAN Amphitec Vortex 9000 

Chassis: MAN TGS 35.510 8×4

Vacuum machine: Amphitec roots blower 9000

Color: White

Mileage: 0KM

First registration: 2-2024

Machine: Amphitec Vortex 9000

Operation hours: 0 hours

Bin capacity: 14m3

Suction: 9000 m3/u vacuüm pomp

Suction of materials: Distance 300m +

Sucking up materials at depths of 50m +

Blowing: 2500 m3/u vacuüm pomp

Blowing applications at 200m +

Blowing height 75m +(high buildings, silo’s, etc.)

Max. vacuum 96%

SIR Tested

Amphitec Hi-Lift System

Max. discharge height: 180cm

Discharge possible into big bags, containers, drums or other storage facilities

Axle chassis: 4