Vac-Ex T-Vac 2

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Brand Vac-Ex

Vac-Ex T-Vac 2

The T-Vac 2 is a compact and remote controlled suction excavator.

The new T-VAC 2 Track range delivers more power with a host of additional features.

Capable of excavating most types of ground (wet or dry) by utilising optional high-pressure water and/or compressed air.

Following the success of the T-VAC 1 tracked unit and the requirement to upgrade to an EPA Tier 4 / Stage V engine, we decided to continue with the T-VAC product, introduce further improvements and equipment whilst keeping to a similar footprint.

Especially useful in more difficult to reach places.



Construction year: 2022

Working hours: 0 hour

capacity: 1m

Manual Arm

White Noise Alarm

Compressor Kit

Hydraulic PTO

Filter Blaster