Volvo Amphitec Vortex 2020 vacuum excavator

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Brand Amphitec, Volvo

Volvo Amphitec Vortex

Chassis: Volvo FMX 500 8×4

Vacuum machine: Amphitec Vortex 2020

Mileage: 88.000 KM

Operating hours: 1815 hours


Tank capacity: 14 m3

Hydraulic driving

Suction: 11.000 m3/h vacuum pomp

Suction of materials: Distance 300m +

Blowing: 2500 m3/h

Blowing of materials: Distance 200m +

Max. vacuum 96%

Big Bag filler

SIR Tested

Hi-Lift system

Max. discharge height: 180cm

Axle chassis: 4

Steer is on the right side of the cabin