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Demand for vacuum trucks and suction excavators is growing. As a result, supply times for new vacuum trucks are getting longer. In order to meet this high demand, now specialises in the sale of suction excavators and vacuum trucks. We thoroughly test and check all our vacuum excavators so that you receive a top-quality product on which you can rely for years to come.

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International vacuum excavator trade

Our many years of vacuum excavation experience allow us to utilise extensive knowledge and quality. We operate throughout all of Europe, so you can hire hire and buy vacuum trucks, like vacuum excavators and suction excavators, or order and purchase spare parts for them on an international basis.

Suction excavators for sale

Discover the possibilities of our suction excavators

Suction trailers offer major advantages over traditional excavators. First of all, they reduce damage to the environment, as they gently suck up soil and materials instead of digging. This makes them ideal for work in urban areas and impassable spaces such as gravel roofs and crawlspaces.

Suction excavators are much more efficient at removing liquid substances such as mud, sludge and waste from manholes and sewage systems. With their precision, speed and versatility, suction-technology is a valuable alternative to excavators in a variety of applications.

Also for spare parts for your suction excavator

Parts of your suction excavator will inevitably wear out. A day, when a suction excavator is not running, is a day when you are not turning a turnover. We know this at Saugbagger Sales. At our warehouse in Staphorst, we keep a stock of parts for a suction truck that wears out. We deliver the parts within about 4 working days.

For tight spaces

A suction excavator offers a significant advantage in narrow spaces that are impassable for excavators. Think of removing soil from a crawl space. This makes them indispensable for tasks such as cable laying in urban areas and precision digging of (planting) holes. An excavator offers no solution in such cases. Manual work is the only alternative, which is often more expensive and less cost-effective.

For high-suction power projects

Not every suction excavator has the same capacity. Each project has a different application and therefore requires a different capacity. For larger projects, not every suction excavator is sufficient. Industrial and construction projects with a lot of square metres and which require deep suction, therefore require greater storage capacity and suction power from the suction excavator. Saugbaggersales sells suction excavators and rents them with heavy and light-duty compressors and suction power.

For efficient projects

Various applications require suction and blowing technology to go hand in hand. These are projects where a suction excavator moves material (e.g. soil, sand, sludge or powders) from location A to location B. Think of excavating soil for the purpose of a foundation in a city centre. It is most efficient, economical and safe when a suction excavator has both functions. After all, not all raw materials can be transported according to standards and legislation without an enclosed space. You also do not need to use external partners or hire an additional suction excavator to transport the raw materials.

Your suction excavator delivered in top condition

Service and maintenance on suction excavators are crucial for reliability and durability. After all, you don’t want any surprises on the way to a project. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan, optimises performance and minimises unexpected downtime. Saugbaggersales offers not only high-quality suction excavators but also expert maintenance teams to ensure that your suction excavator is always in top condition.

Preventive maintenance on your suction excavator gets the most out of the investment, maintaining efficiency and saving costs in the long run. We do not perform maintenance to meet the minimum but ensure optimum performance for your suction truck permanently.

Vac Ex compact soil suction excavator

Vac-Ex compact bottom suction excavators

With the Vac-Ex compact soil vacuum, you are assured of an efficient and versatile solution for removing all kinds of soil and materials.

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