Which suction filter will you go for?

Saugbaggersales has two types of suction filters in its selection. These are the Standard Oil-Water Repellent filters and the Telfon membrane filters. The Standard Oil-Water Repellent filters separate oil and water, trapping oil and letting water through. These filters are used in wastewater treatment and environmental pollution.

Teflon membrane filters are ideal in suction operations where a large proportion of particles need to be retained, but where liquids can be sucked up. This type of filter is often used for chemical processes where filtration efficiency needs to be maximized.

Both filter types are suitable for all suction operations, from sludge to debris. The Teflon filter is the most advanced filter and is able to stop even the smallest dust particles.

Your full-service supplier for suction filters

At SaugbaggerSales, you order the filters in bulk, so that you can carry out your work for long periods of time and ensure independence. As you read above, we use multiple types of filters and the filters can be ordered in multiple sizes regardless of type. We are able to supply the required suction filter for every project. Do you still experience problems with your suction or vacuum excavator? No problem, we carry out maintenance on suction and vacuum excavators. Please contact us if you have any questions.