In which cases is a vacuum excavator rental better than buying a vacuum excavator?

There are certain situations where renting a vacuum excavator is more beneficial than buying a vacuum excavator. This depends on the specific needs, circumstances and criteria for the project. We would like to set this out for you:

Temporary projects

If you only need a vacuum excavator for a short period of time, renting would be more cost-effective than buying one. Do you already own a vacuum excavator, but doesn’t it have enough suction power? In cases like this, renting a vacuum excavator with the necessary features is a good investment.

Variable workload

If your work activities vary throughout the year, and the vacuum excavator cannot be used continuously, it’s beneficial to rent instead of purchasing one. Buying a vacuum excavator is a big investment. Additionally, you’d have to be able to keep and maintain the excavator long-term.

Periodic maintenance

When renting a vacuum excavator, you do not need to conduct periodic maintenance on the vacuum excavator yourself. In consultation with you, maintenance is done by an expert mechanic. This is included in the rental price at Saugbaggersales. This way, you can always hit the road and carry out your work without any worries.

Why rent a vacuum excavator at

Do you choose to hire a vacuum excavator with Saugbaggersales? Then you are opting for the following benefits:

  • You will receive an offer within 1 day based on availability;
  • Immediate availability of the vacuum excavator;
  • Attachments and accessories in stock and directly available for rent;
  • Our vacuum excavators have been thoroughly tested and inspected;
  • Do you have any specific questions? Feel free to ask one of our employees.

Vacuum excavator or suction excavator rental?

We will discuss vacuum excavators and suction excavators. These types of excavators have many similarities, but there are also some differences. Each type has unique strengths that can be used for certain jobs. This sometimes makes one type more suitable than the other. For example, a vacuum excavator is better suited for:

  • Suctioning liquids, such as polluted water or sludge;
  • Vacuuming material over a larger distance;
  • Emptying crawl spaces and recirculating sand.

A suction excavator can be used in the following situations:

  • Vacuuming away soil near tree trunks;
  • Vacuuming pieces of debris.