MTS filter cartridge set oil-water repellent

Set of filter cartridge MTS oil-water repellent


Contains of the set

Filter cartridge 990 mm MTS oil-water repellent (42 pcs)


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The filter is made of 100% polyester. In addition, the filter is provided with an oil-water repellent layer. Moreover, there is a constant and equal air permeability. This ensures a high filtering effect. This filter is mainly used to filter oily substances with a high moisture content. De maximum working temperature for constant use is 130º C.



Article: MTS filter cartridge

Oil-water repellent

Brand: MTS

Kind of fabric: 100% polyester spingebonden


Eigenschap Standard oil-Water Repellent
Lengte 990 mm
Merk MTS
Categorie Suction Filters
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